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Our Story

The 3B, Brilliant, Blissful and the Best. That’s how we think tours have to be, within everyone’s reach. That’s why 3BTours is a project born by and for guides. From other companies, the most experienced guides joined together to form one of the leading companies in the sector. With their free tours, any traveler can sign up to be guided through Prague, in a fun and entertaining way, to know the history and legends of this wonderful city.

Prague is a fairytale city. Its charm, architecture and beauty, makes that anyone who walks through its streets, to be irremediably trapped by its magic. As if some kind of invisible force was involved, it embraces us every time we look at the castle, cross the Charles Bridge, or stop to smell the firewood in during the winter. If you have lived here, or visited it, you know what we mean. And it is precisely this force that encouraged us to create this adventure.

We know that we have the best guided tours in Prague, as everyone who works at 3BTours has lived Prague long enough to know it. It’s not only about telling its history, nor about saying names of kings or dates. It’s about living it, sharing it and enjoying it. To know the customs of the Czechs, to understand a bit of their language, to get lost, to know a lot of curiosities and to drink lots of beer. It’s about being on hundreds of bars and museums, from lying on the grass to listening to the trams. In short, it’s about making this city your home.

And that’s exactly what we offer you. Our home. We’ll show it to you whenever you want.

3BTours team members

If you want to know Prague, we introduce you to the best team of guides. Click on the photos to meet our guides and see examples of their tours.