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Free Tour Old Town and Jewish Quarter

Also known as the Free Tour of Prague, it is the beginning of the story. The perfect introduction to Europe’s most beautiful city. Its variety of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles, make this architectural complex, a UNESCO heritage site, the tour by excellence. In the free tour of the old town and the Jewish quarter, we will visit the whole of Prague’s centre, the old town, all its historical centre to discover how the city of Prague arises.


AvailabilityEvery day
Available hours10:30 a.m. and 15:00 p.m.
Approximate duration of the tour2'5 hours
Minimum group5 people

Free Tour of The Old Town and the Jewish Quarter

We will start at the Old Town Square. The oldest and most important square in historic Prague, within Stare Město, where the old crafts market was located. We will talk about the wars of religion, the beginning of Protestantism, and the most outstanding places in history. All dressed with anecdotes and curiosities. If you want to know how the astronomical clock of Prague works, and live a magnificent experience walking through the medieval part of the city, and the largest Jewish quarter in Europe, sign up for the most demanded free tour. We will make your holidays unforgettable. We will tell the story of: (click on the images for more information)

  • Astronomic clock
  • Charles University (Karolinum)
  • States Theater
  • Municipal House
  • Franz Kafka
  • Spanish Sinagogue

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Visiting hours

EVERY DAY, at 10:30 a.m. and 15:00 p.m.

We recommend you to book in advance, so we can organize as good as we know for everybody being more comfortable.

The tour will take you through the old town, the Stare Město, and through the Jewish quarter of Prague, the so-called Josefov. If the traveler wants to see inside the synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery, we recommend visiting the Jewish museum after the tour.

For more information on where to buy tickets for the Jewish Museum and to visit it from the inside you can visit the official website of the Jewish Museum.

Where the story begins

Official meeting point of 3BTours

The meeting and starting point will be the Rudolfinum, home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, next to the metro station Staroměstská (line A, green metro line) in Jan Palach Square. We will be waiting in front of the main façade holding an orange umbrella. It is our official meeting point. No public transportation ticket is required for this tour. The entire downtown area is pedestrian.

Price of the Free Tour Old Town

It is up to you. So easy.

This route is also included in the free tour mode. Although sometimes described as a free city tour, from 3BTours we do not want to do misleading advertising, so we call it a based collaboration tour. For more information on what a Free Tour is, or frequently asked questions, go to the home page.

Details of the Old Town of Prague

The origin of Prague starts long time ago. If we ask ourselves which is the center of the city, and its most commercial part, historically speaking we have to go to the eastern part of the Vltava River, direct to the Old Town Square. Since the Middle Ages, merchants, artisans, all have forged the Prague we know today. The Church of Our Lady of Týn, with its gothic towers, will make us feel in a magical environment from the first moment, in one of the most charming squares in Europe.

The neuralgic centre of Bohemia and the most important square in Prague. In it, the tower of the old Prague Town Hall rises magnificently. Every day, thousands of travellers watch its astronomical clock spectacle every hour. A historical place par excellence, we will talk about the Hussite wars, the 30-year war, religion, the beginning of Protestantism, its buildings, its heritage and everything related to the beginning of this enchanted city. We will explain the clock, so that every traveller will be able to read the time, and we will go through the nooks and crannies of old times unravelling the history.

Along its streets, we find stories about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, when he premiered his opera «Don Giovanni». Franz Kafka, when he wrote his «Metamorphosis» or Albert Einstein when he taught at the Karolinum, at Charles University.

We will go to see the remains of the old wall, delimited by the street of the «moat» and the Tower Powder, to introduce us in one of the most recognized Jewish quarters in Europe.

The Jewish Quarter Josefov

The northern area of Staré Město, is called the Jewish quarter, or Josefov. Of great cultural interest, we will explain the synagogues or the Jewish cemetery. Legends such as the Golem of Prague, or characters such as Rabbi Loew, are part of the best-known stories of the Czechs.

Full of legends, myths and symbols, dare to discover all the secrets of this romantic cosmopolitan city, where reality and fairy tales merge. Come and see Prague.

Photo Gallery of the Old City

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