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Free tour Prague

What to see in Prague in two days

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Are you planning to coming to Prague? Do you want to join a Free Tour? If you want not only to see, but also to know the city to the maximum, sign up with us to discover it, with three tours in that format! The free tours of Prague are available in English as well.

What is a Free Walking Tour? The based tips tours of Prague

we can describe it as a tour without fee or cost, but from 3BTours we do not want to do misleading advertising, so we call it a based tips tour.

The tourist values the work of our guides, at the end of the tour, with an economic compensation. Everything depends exclusively on the quality of the tour, which means that the guide has to give the maximum in each visit. Our free tours in Prague are the highest quality tours in Europe. The big difference is in the preparation of each of the tours by our guides. For this reason all our team members are well informed, with university degrees and speaking more than one language. They have worked hard to make the best visits and their experience is maximum. We do not lie if we say we have the best tours in Prague in Spanish and English.

There is no need for audio guides or printed guides! Go deep into the stories and discover curiosities and the best recommendations. We have the most experienced, charismatic and fun team, ready to make your free walking tour one of the most beautiful experiences in this magical city. Awaken your passion for history!

The orange umbrellas

3BTours are the orange umbrellas. We know that the city of Prague has a lot of competitors, so our hallmark is orange. We usually meet at the meeting point holding orange umbrellas, or wearing orange jackets. With the free tour of Prague with the orange umbrellas you will discover the city as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions about the free tour in Prague

Are we going inside the places with the Free Walking Tour?

Not usually. Entrance to most monuments or closed places is restricted to tourist groups. However, sometimes it is possible as in the cathedral. If the group is small, and the guide decides so, the route may come as a surprise.

Do I need to book the Free Tour?

Not necessary but recommended. You can go directly to the meeting point. In high season, preference is always given to previous reservations, due to our groups have a maximum number of guests. Also, if you book we have the option to call more guides if there are too many people interested. In this case, if the group is complete we will always give the option to sign up for the next shift depending on the availability.

Can we join if we are a large group?

If you do it through the web you will be told that from 8 people is considered a private group. In case of attending the normal free tour, before the start of the tour you will be told the conditions to avoid having misunderstandings. If you want a guide only for that group is considered to be a private tour. Obviously the tour is no longer a free tour and has a fixed cost depending on what you are looking for.

How much do I have to pay at the end?

That depends on the tourist and their rating of the tour. Visits last about 3 hours on average. The guide does not receive a salary from the company or from the town hall, they are self-employed. What’s more, for each person on the tour, a fixed amount is paid for marketing. This means that not all the money the guides receive is for them. In addition, the corresponding taxes are paid. That’s why they try to make it clear at the beginning and at the end of the tour. They are workers, not students who hang out, they are people who have prepared themselves to do this and it is their job. And everybody likes to get paid for their work.

And if I am in a wheelchair or have reduced mobility.?

No inconvenience. Our tours can be booked by anyone who wants to, and there are no possible barriers to tell the story. Everyone is welcome without problems.

What about the weather?. Do we have tour if it rains?

Yes, all you need is an umbrella and the desire to discover Prague even under the rain. To be honest, weather conditions may not allow it. On days of danger of flooding, extreme cold, or very strong wind, the guide usually cancels the tour. But these are exceptional cases.

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